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 Want to be a moderator?

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PostSubject: Want to be a moderator?   Thu Apr 24, 2008 1:52 pm

I realise it is a very wanted position to be a moderator, however I can't make every member a moderator, so there is
No more asking to be a moderator.
If you have asked before this announcement to become a moderator, that is fine. But now, please don't ask.

To increase your chances, follow these guidelines:

  • Always follow the forum rules
  • You need close to perfect grammar and spelling. Full stops, commas, capitals (In there correct places). After every comma or full stop, leave a space. In mozilla firefox, there is a spell checker if you wish. You can find Mozilla Firefox Here, and you can get the dictionary Here
  • Always have a positive attitude: Don't flame people for not agreeing with you, you can have arguments, but keep them clean!
  • Don't abuse smilies. If you are making a small post, 1 is fine. If it has a paragraph or two, 3 is fine. (But in different places: Not all at the very end).
    Here is an example:
    Don't do this:

    (This is just an example of a thread)

    Quote :
    Hello welcome to my role-play.
    To do this role-play, you have to (Role-playing instructions here: About one paragraph)

    So, enjoy!
    Smile Very Happy Shocked

    But, Do this:

    Quote :
    Hello, welcome to my role-play! Very Happy

    To do this role-play, you have to (Role-playing instructions here: About one paragraph) Smile

    So enjoy! Shocked

So, follow those guidelines, and you might become a moderator. Of course, there might be a lot of people suitable, but I can't make that much people mods.

Just be patient!
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Want to be a moderator?
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