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 Oblivion Cheats, gamesaves, etc. For PS3 (Gamesaves are for EU users)

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PostSubject: Oblivion Cheats, gamesaves, etc. For PS3 (Gamesaves are for EU users)   Thu Apr 17, 2008 2:02 pm

Hello. There are actually a lot of good cheats for the PS3. I will list them here.


To duplicate an item, simply do the following:

1: You need at least 2 of one scroll. The amount you get depends on the amount of scrolls you have. If you have 2 scrolls, you will get two of that item, if you have 100, you will get 100.

2. An item you want to duplicate. Most work, some don't. If it is an armour/weapon it must be fully repaired. If it is repaired beyong 100 (An expert armoury perk) it will not work.

3. Double click the scroll, now drop the item you wish to duplicate. Get out of your inventory, and you will see 2 (or whatever amount of scrolls you had) of the item on the ground.

Permanent Enchantments

You need Access to the Arcane University, a soul gem as a soul, OR a sigil stone. If you have a sigil stone, you don't need the other two. (You can duplicate the sigil stone if you wish). you also need a ring, any will do, and duplicate it so you have a lot, and you need a scroll that you have 2 of.

Now: enchant your ring, name it "a" for convenience.

Duplicate the ring, and wear one.Now, duplicate the one that You are not wearing. They will both fall off you, you will not be wearing the ring, but look in your active effects: the enchantment is still there!

If you do this over and over again, you can get your stats to 1000 and over.

Infinite money

You need: A paralyze spell. (If you are new, pick "The Lover" birthsign.)
Now, in the Imperial City Talos Plaza district, go to Dorian's house. In here, use your paralyze spell on Dorian, and click on his body. You will be able to take money off him, but, when you take the money, it doesn't run out. You can keep taking money off him and he will still have an unlimited supply.

Emperors robes

What you need: Staff of worms, skull of corruption, A command humanoid spell level one for as long as you want. (You wont need a particularly long spell, but it's only level one so you may as well make a long one)

Note: If you have brought the amulet of kings to jauffre, you CANNOT do this, as doing so locks the sewers)

OK, once you have all that, go to the sewers, to the emperors dead body, and ressurect him with the staff of worms. Keep raising him until you get him inside sideways cave. (Turn right when you get out of the sewers) Or Vilverin. (Directly infront of you)

Once they are in there, use the skull of corruption on them, drop the skull of corruption on the ground, use your command humanoid on the Clone. Walk outside and the tamed clone will come with you. Once outside, kill the corrupted clone. Baurus wont be happy about that. Save the game and reload. You can now loot the corrupted clone. He will have emerors robe, and shoes. (For some reason he had two for me) Now go back in and take your skull of corruption. For some reason it was on fire for me.
And there, you have you're emperors robes. Good for roleplaying.

If you want the amulet, do two sides of a coin quest, and take the red amulet, or use the glitch with the spell drinker amulet. (At level 15-19, or 25+ It will look identical to the amulet of kings.)

Gamesave Package

The game save package can be found here

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PostSubject: Oblivion gate Traul Avoidance   Sat Apr 19, 2008 2:53 am

Prerequisite Health at 150 or above.
Ranged Weapons.
Some Patience

If the oblivion plane has the main tower at the centre and the other towers surrounding it, all with bridges to the same level, the expected progression is to move to each tower in turn and open a gate, once there all open, return to ground level and work your way up the tower to the Sigil Stone.

Fast Method:
Enter First Tower and head to the top. Open the gate with the leaver if you wish but it is not necessary. Use the bridge to get to the main tower and SAVE.
Jump over the edge. As soon as your over use the controller to keep yourself against the wall. If you get stopped at the ribs around the tower, all the better as it will save more health, keep heading down to the bottom where there will be a deep ledge just before the ground level. From this ledge, use ranged weapons/spells to take out the enemies on the bottom floor and then jump down. You can then proceed up the tower to the stone in the usual way!

I have done this twice now, not dying either time on the drop down (Springbik boots may also help here if you have them.)
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Oblivion Cheats, gamesaves, etc. For PS3 (Gamesaves are for EU users)
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